Amsterdam to Ulan Bataar Land Rover "Disco 2000"

"Mr Lenin, what i would like for christmas is..."

USSR militiary equipment, Kiev

Aral Sea, Kazakhstan. The shipgraveyard is in the background. Dad made an impromtu modification to his t-shirt before the photo, in appreciation of the 2 days we spent on the `back road` to get there.

Kosh Agash (Altay republic) to Mrgr Axey (Tuva republic) in Siberian Russia.

Welcome to Ulan Bataar, Mongolia. Travelling with Tom and John since the border entry. They are driving a 1990 1L Bedford (Suzuki) van in the We both arrived at the Russia/Mongolia border just after it closed, but had enough ruples left for sufficient beer and vodka, and then continued to keep everyone else awake into the night...

Friendly Buddhist shrine, Ulan Bataar, Mongolia
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