Flight of Inkukhu

"I was given the rubber chicken a few years back as a joke
and needed to pass it on to some Strange Body about to do some Strange
Things so ..... Inkukhu got a new home attached to the front of Si's bike"
- Mandi

On 18th December I managed to fulfill my crash quote early in the journey along a back road from Kliprand to Springbok in northern South Africa. I was looking at the distance mountain range off to the side more than the road, and side straddled the ridge between the 2 car tracks on this partly sandy road at about 110km/h. The rear of the bike drifted left, then right, throw in a few more left and rights and nothing went to plan after that. A wool merchant I passed earlier stopped and gave my bike and I a lift to Springbok. I was concussed until the next day and injured my hand, but no breaks, and it only cost me AUD$2.21 for 2 x-rays! What kind of a crash do I have to have to actually need my travel insurance?! The bike looked like it crashed at about 300km/h with just about everything that could bend or break, doing so. My major problems were a cracked forkleg which I had welded, smashed headlight, and a couple of days of bashing by up to 3 people managed to straighten my subframe, front disc, front rim, instrument support and panniers. Inkukhu had just 2 scuff marks and no complaints.
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